Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chikens thriving

After a bit of a rough start, the chickens are thriving. First we had the incident with the older birds pecking the younger ones. We segregated the little ones into an old doghouse. They are well, and then one of the cats got through two layers of fence to grab one of the birds, injuring the chicken slightly. We brought both little ones in and warmed them up in a box with a light attached, and they are now happy and health. We have added another layer of protection to the sides, especially to keep the cats at bay. They are still interested, but can't get at the birds.

Now we are enjoying watching their growth. The little ones are getting their combs, and the older ones are getting wattles.


MissShonah said...

Oh! Your chickens look so happy in their home! Well done :-)

Daniel said...

Yeah! Just fed them and put them in their houses. They enjoy being outside, and in the summer there is plenty to keep them busy. Lots of bugs to eat.