Thursday, April 16, 2009

Four articles in the international press on younger people in agriculture in Japan

Four articles recently in the international press about young people getting intersted in farming in Japan. Most of the articles give the current economic conditions and concerns about food safety as reasons for the move.

Christian Science Monitor, Donga, Wall Street Journal and New York Times all give accounts of people heading to the countryside to work on farms in various capacities. I am intersted in how they are making it considering the relative difficult system of acquiring farm land. They will also have to bring creativity along with their strong backs to make a living, as prices of everything is dropping and the government is less and less willing to subsidize farmers.

Overall it is a great move, and as in all things, the tough will stick with it and potentially be very successful. If I were thinking of doing it all over again, I would certainly think about farming. Right now I would be working on growing organics and developing new distribution systems.

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