Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Biodynamics and Steiner Education

My family is active in the local Steiner school, Niji Gakko (Rainbow School). Yesterday we watched a twelve-year old documentary on NHK about a Steiner school in Nuremberg, Germany. I will certainly watch it again. It was about a Japanese woman who had graduated from that school. She and her mother were both featured in the show. As a child the woman had gone with her family to Germany, and while she was there, she was enrolled in the Steiner school. She was there for a couple of years, and her family returned to Japan, but the girl wanted to return to school in Germany, so in the sixth grade she returned. She graduated from there and pursued a career in music, among other things. The school had changed since she left, had become quite grand really. Beautifully designed, the school and surrounding facilities were ideal from my perspective.

They had a number of special needs children at the school, and they all worked and lived closeby. Their farming was all Biodynamic, and they had quite a facility. The school was pretty much self sufficient, and Steiner philosophy had spread well beyond the school and farm to banking and healthcare in the area. Brilliant experience for children, I'm sure.

It was a bit of a stimulus overload, as all of the ideas were just so profound. I'll be happy to see it again, but I was impressed by how mature that society was compared to what I see around me, unfortunately.

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