Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lots going on out there!

Wow! There's lots going on out there in the world of agriculture as the Japanese citizen watches its agri-cultural wither and be prepared to be sold off to the highest bidder. Two great sites that I happened on today. One is the Land Stewardship Project. They have a useful podcast, too.

The second site is one much closer to home, Shinji Shumeikai. This organizations headquarters are in Shiga Prefecture, just west over the mountains from here. Sounds like a must-visit spot. Their statement on the environment at their web site says:

The greatest expression of Shumei's deep concern for the health of our Earth is its commitment to the practice of the Natural Agriculture method of growing food, a method that emphasizes the integrity of nature and the purity of soil, water, and air.

They have also made a partnership with The Rodale Institute to cooperate in developing natural farming practices.

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