Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Working in the red

Went to visit my farming teacher, Mr. Kitagawa today. He was upset because he was doing his taxes and found that he was working in the red for the last tax year, to the tune of about $20,000. He said that for the first time he and his wife had itemized everything, socks, gloves, oil...everything, and still they came out with a loss. He was upset, and suggested that I stay away from farming rice. I reminded him that I was up for subsistence farming rather than trying to make a profit.

I really feel sorry for him. He has spent his life growing organic rice and is proud of it, and now he is close to dispair. I will push on with my plans and try to help him sell his rice this year for a profit rather than go through the common chanels. I'll have to do a longer piece on JA and how it operates.

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